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How to Add a Project to Ravelry

Saving your knit and crochet projects to Ravelry has many benefits; it allows you a personal space to keep track of how your WIP (work-in-progress) is going, or lets you look back on everything you've accomplished over the years. Your projects are also public, so you can share your hard work with friends or with others looking to start something new! The following outlines the steps for adding your whiteowlcrochetco project to Ravelry. 


  1. Sign in
  2. Click on “my notebook” (right top corner)
  3. Click on “projects”
  4. Click on “add project” (left screen)

    Screenshot of Ravelry Project Beginning Page

  5. Enter craft(knitting/crochet)
  6. Name your project – your own project name
  7. Enter the pattern name – tester code *or* pattern name if released – click
            the chain-link icon to connect
  8. Click “continue”

Screenshot of second page of Ravelry Project

  1. Made for – who are you making it for? Yourself, friend, family member...
  2. Link to raveler: whiteowlcrochetco
  3. Size made – enter the bust size or the size id from the pattern
  4. Pattern from – whiteowlcrochetco
  5. Pattern name – should already be linked from the tester code/pattern
    name you entered previously
  6. Craft – should already be entered from previous screen
  7. Tags – enter whatever you like, i.E. “Fair isle, stranded knitting, in the
    round, bottom-up sweater, v-neck sweater,” etc.
  8. Pattern category – click through the options and decide what applies!
  9. Add hooks and needles that apply
  10. Add gauge and pattern for gauge (i.E. Stockinette (knit) or hdc (crochet))
  11. Add yarn – you can also link this!
  12. Add any of your notes here if you’d like –*these notes are public*
  13. Add photos!
  14. Status – on the right of the screen – in progress? Finished?
  15. Enter date started – on the right of the screen
  16. Save changes

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