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Do you make all of the faux-fur poms yourself?

Absolutely! Each piece of fur is meticulously selected and delicately cut and sewn by yours truly! Occasionally my boyfriend can be persuaded to help sew! (Heart-throb, ladies! I tell ya!)


Do you work with colour, or only neutrals as seen on your Instagram?

I prefer to stick with neutrals as that's what my eye is automatically drawn to, and because it's now become part of my branding! Occasionally you will see colours such as butterscotch and eggplant make an appearance.


I live in town! Can I just bypass the shipping option and pick it up directly?

Absolutely! Just simply enter "KWSHIP" at checkout where it asks if you have a shop coupon! Then, promptly send me an email ( and we will decide on the perfect meet-up! Easy-Peasy!