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Tips & Tricks for Whiteowlcrochetco Crochet Patterns

  In the past you would find these tips and tricks in every pattern! To save trees and pattern space, all tips and tricks have been moved here for your convenience. Gauge Ensure to swatch prior to diving in! Yardage Gauge is important most patterns! If you tend to make things looser and larger than expected, consider sizing down your hook to ensure you have enough yardage.  If this causes you concern about the final dimensions, please note that you can definitely stretch your dimensions with blocking! Alternative Yarns A lot of decent alternative yarns can be found on! Keep reading for a list of alternative yarns used in the testing of Whiteowlcrochetco. patterns.  Feisty Fade Shawl - Feisty Fibres...

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How to Quickly and Easily Edit Your Knitwear Photos for Instagram: Post #1

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is "How do you get your backgrounds so white?" followed by, "Which phone do you have to take photos so clear and bright? Or do you use a camera?". The answer to the first question is actually multiple steps, which I'll begin to divulge here. And to answer the second question, I've had a Samsung S6 Edge for.. a while! I normally use my phone to take photos out of convenience, but I've recently begun to use my Nikon D3100 more often! (I'll share my knowledge as I learn more about this, but until then I'll tell you the quick and dirty way to edit!) Recently on my Instagram stories (@whiteowlcrochetco),...

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Market Checklist #1: 18 Things to Bring to your Market

  Note: This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, whiteowlcrochetco. will receive a little monetary kick-back, helping to pay off student loans a few dollars and cents at a time!  For me, markets were the scariest thing about beginning a knitwear business. How does one even begin to prepare for putting oneself out into the world FOR THE FIRST TIME? I kept picturing standing behind my humble table, eyes glistening with desperation, for people to buy my handmade items, to not fail. I panicked. A lot. I still do. But I find the best way to combat the panic and anxiety is to create a checklist of things to bring and things to do! In order to help...

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Market Checklist #2: 11 Things I Bring to Sell

Building off the previous checklist, I present here a list of integral items I bring to markets, ranging in price-point! Now this is where I usually get the question "but how do you know how much you require?". I usually consider the table/booth fee; how much product do you have to sell in order to break even? Now generate a goal for yourself - $500? $1000? More? How much are you required to sell now? Add these two values together and go from there. If you make "too much" and have leftover inventory, try not to be discouraged (easier said than done, right?), this is good! You now have a head-start on your next market! Back to my personal inventory...

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