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Market Checklist #2: 11 Things I Bring to Sell

Building off the previous checklist, I present here a list of integral items I bring to markets, ranging in price-point!

Now this is where I usually get the question "but how do you know how much you require?". I usually consider the table/booth fee; how much product do you have to sell in order to break even? Now generate a goal for yourself - $500? $1000? More? How much are you required to sell now? Add these two values together and go from there. If you make "too much" and have leftover inventory, try not to be discouraged (easier said than done, right?), this is good! You now have a head-start on your next market! Back to my personal inventory goal list:




  1. Black Pom Hats ($50 CAD) - 20-40 total
  2. White Pom Hats ($50 CAD) - 20-40 total
  3. Grey Pom Hats ($50 CAD) - 20-40 total
  4. Mommy & Me Sets ($80 CAD) - 10-20 total
  5. Headbands ($40 CAD) - 20 total
  6. Infinity Scarves ($65 CAD) - 10 total
  7. Cowl Scarves ($50 CAD) - 10 total
  8. Mittens ($47 CAD) - 10 total
  9. Scrunchies ($10 CAD) - 40 total
  10. Coffee Cozies ($10 CAD) - 20 on table, 20+ below
  11. Christmas Ornaments ($10 CAD) - 10-20 on table, 20+ below


Once I have all these bad boys crocheted/knitted/sewn, and I [hopefully] have all the ends weaved and the logo tags sewn on, it's time for the finishing touches:

  • Design price tags - print or handmade
  • Hole-punch tags AND business cards
  • Consider making product care tags
  • Attach all three to your item with a thin thread and needle
  • Count and record your final inventory

For more on these tags, see previous blog post!

Up next, my tips for building the perfect market set-up! 

As always, feel free to contact me with any additional questions at!


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