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Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf
Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf

Knit Pattern: Jasper Blanket Scarf

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Whiteowlcrochetco. Jasper Blanket Scarf


Jasper is a split blanket scarf, designed to drape around your shoulders in a way that keeps it from slipping off. Pair this blanket scarf with a cute belt or maybe even a cute floppy hat and stay cozy warm in the chillier months!

This pattern is worked from the bottom of the back panel to the bottom of the front panels, working flat in rows. Stranded colour work techniques are used to form the snowflakes along the bottoms of each panel. Once the main piece is completed, sts will be picked up along the perimeter of the blanket scarf and worked into a clean i-cord edge.

As my testers say, this is the perfect gentle introduction to stranded colourwork!


Includes instructions for how to add a project to Ravelry.

Tested by 5-10 other knitters - click on associated projects to check them out!

Tech Edited by Nicky Jensen of HandKnits and Hygge.

Method: Knit
Skill Level: Intermediate
Version: December 2023

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To determine your size, measure your chest around the widest point, then locate the closest value listed under “Suggested Bust” below. This pattern has 33" (84 cm) of ease built in.

Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Suggested Bust (33" (84 cm) ease built in, Very Oversized Fit):
33 1/2, 40, 47, 53 1/2, 60, 67"
(85, 101.5, 119.5, 136, 152.5, 170 cm)

33 1/4, 36 1/2, 40, 43 1/4, 46 1/2, 50"
(84.5, 92.5, 101.5, 110, 118, 127 cm)

Final Circumference:
66 1/2, 73, 80, 86 1/2, 93, 100"
(169, 185.5, 203, 219.5, 236, 254 cm)

30 1/4 (77 cm)
* Easily Modified

Yardage Estimates

Modifications will result in a difference in required yardage.

Colour A: 945, 1035, 1130, 1220, 1315, 1410 Yds
Colour B: 630, 670, 715, 755, 800, 840 Yds

Colour A: 865, 945, 1035, 1115, 1200, 1290 m
Colour B: 575, 610, 655, 690, 730, 770 m


  • Worsted
  • Hobbii Divina
  • Colour A: 07 Black
  • Colour B: 03 Cloudy Grey


Circular Needles
5.0 mm / US8 / UK6
24+” (60+ cm)

Double Pointed Needles
2 x 6.0 mm / US10 / UK4
(I-cord Edge)

*Or needle sizes required to obtain gauge*

Other Notions
  • 1 Darning Needle
  • 1 Scissors
  • Scrap Yarn or Stitch Holder
  • Blocking Items

Gauge Pattern
  • Colour B
  • Blocked
  • Flat Stockinette
  • 18 sts, 22 rows / 4” (10cm)


Tested Alternative Yarns

  • dLana* Canilla Lana Rústica 1 Cabo (100% Merino)
  • Lion Brand Color Theory (100% Acrylic)
  • Lion Brand Wool-Ease (80% Acrylic, 20% Wool)

Abbreviations / Techniques

cm, Centimeter
DPN, Double Pointed Needle
K, Knit
K2TogTbl, Knit 2 sts together through the back loop
m, Meter
P, Purl
Rpt, Repeat
RS, Right Side
SL1PW, Slip 1 st purlwise
St(s), Stitch(es)
WS, Wrong Side
Yds, Yards
** , Repeat Sequence Within
“, Inches


Mollie Conrad, MSc.

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Knitters may sell the final product, with credit for the design given to Whiteowlcrochetco (Mollie Conrad).

Feel free to use the following hashtags on social media:

#JasperBlanketScarf #whiteowlcrochetco
and please feel free to tag @whiteowlcrochetco in your posts! I love seeing your final products!

Pattern may not be redistributed or duplicated, in whole or in part.

No refunds will be administered as this is an instant download product.

Happy Knitting! <3